Tutorial 3

Using C# for .Net with an ODBMS

Nic Caine and Leon Guzenda, Objectivity Inc.



The tutorial will cover the basic features of Objectivity/DB and describe the mapping of C# for .Net onto its common kernel. Attendees will install Objectivity C# for .Net and be guided through a sample application. An Objectivity Systems Engineer and the Founder and original architect will be there to answer detailed questions.

Attendees will

  • Install a 60-day trial version of Objectivity/DB C# for .Net and a sample application from a CD.
  • Run a sample application that illustrates the major persistence, query and tool functionality.
  • Be shown how to extend the application.
  • Be able to obtain answers to detailed questions about Objectivity C# for .Net.

The target group is C# application designers and developers. The tutorial will be open to all conference attendees.

Speaker Biography

leon_guzenda.jpgLeon Guzenda was one of the founding members of Objectivity, Inc. in 1988 and one of the original architects of Objectivity/DB.

He has extensive experience in using advanced database technology in Homeland Security and defense applications. In the 1970s and early '80s he was development manager for ICL's 2900 IDMS products and as Principal Project Director he delivered major database projects for the MoD, NATO and leading multinationals.

He has worked in California since 1983 and was a strong proponent of object-oriented standards at the Object Management Group, Object Database Management Group and many industry-specific standards groups. He works with Objectivity's Very Large Database customers and partners to help them deploy Objectivity/DB in leading edge data fusion applications, primarily in government, defense and industrial systems.

Leon is an Expert Panel member of ODBMS.ORG.