Tutorial 2

Converting EERM into ODMG's ODL Constructs

Joseph Vella, University of Sheffield



A critical part of a database life cycle is the transformation of a conceptual schema to DBMS specific commands. If parts of the conceptual schema are not correctly and completely transformed then the design lacks required structures and relationships. Consequently a database designer may have to provide additional code at a cost.

The aim of this tutorial is to show how a conceptual schema, expressed in a graphical format, is transformed into ODMG’s ODL constructs. After explaining the basics of EERM and ODMG’s ODL a procedure to translate an EERM to ODL is explained. For many EERM constructs there is an intuitive and straightforward transformation, but this is not the case for some other EERM constructs and particular attention is needed to implement these through ODL and additional code.

Through this tutorial a number of other database modelling requirements are discussed in the context of the current ODMG specifications.

Speaker Biography

Joseph Vella is a researcher at the University of Sheffield and has a number of years experience in designing and implementing databases together with a lecturing career in database related research and teaching.