Exhibition and Reception

On the evening of the industry day, July 2nd 2009, an exhibition and reception will be held in the main building of ETH Zurich.


The exhibition that will provide an opportunity for participants to see latest product and research developments in action will be held in the famous Semper Aula. The Semper Aula is one of the true jewels of the main building of ETH Zurich. Construction on the main building started in 1859 and lasted until 1868. It was designed by the renowned architect Gottfried Semper (1803-1879). The Aula was intended as a venue for academic events, celebrations and as a hall of honour for both ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. According to these plans, Semper drafted the Aula and worked on its design. It was then completed by the decorative painter Emile Jean Baptiste Philippe Bin (1825-1897). At the time, Semper wrote: «The entirety of all figurative depictions and even the ornamental embellishments of the hall are unified and tied together through their common relation to the culture of the human race and its history [...]».


  • Real World ERP
    Stefan Brenner (ClassiX Software GmbH)
  • Mobile db4o to RDBMS Replication
    Stefan Edlich and Roman Borschel (TFH Berlin)
  • LINQExpand4Java
    Miguel Garcia (TU Hamburg)
  • Demo of Objectivity Applications
    Leon Guzenda (Objectivity)
  • MapMe application using db4o on Android
    Tetyana Loskutova and German Viscuso (db4objects/Versant)
  • Developing Persistent Java Applications with OMS
    Moira Norrie, Michael Grossniklaus, Alexandre de Spindler, Stefania Leone, Eugenio Lentini, Maria Husmann, Christoph Lins and Christoph Zimmerli (ETH Zurich)
  • Naked Entities
    Richard Pawson (Naked Objects Group)
  • Mercury - A High Performance Data Processing System
    Georg Troxler (staila technologies)
  • Using ObjectStore to Cache and Playback Events in Event Processing Systems
    Jeffrey Wagner (Progress Software)



The reception will feature a welcome speech by Dr. iur. Ursula Gut-Winterberger, a member of the government of the canton of Zurich. It will be held on the large terrace in front of the ETH Zurich main building overlooking the city.

Patterns Award Ceremony

ODBMS.org is currently calling for submissions on "Common Persistent Model Patterns for Performance and/or Scalability Optimization". Proposals can be submitted until is May 29, 2009.
After that there will be a Public Voting between May 30-June 20, 2009. The awards for the patterns which receive the highest votes will be presented on July 2nd, 2009 in an award ceremony at the reception of ICOODB 2009.

Semper Aula Painting on the ceiling of the Semper Aula Polyterrasse in front of the main building of ETH Zurich Looking over Zurich from the Polyterrasse