How Far OODBMSs Have Come and a Look Into Their Future

Jochen Witte and Robert Greene, Versant


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Speaker Biography

jochen_witte.jpgJochen Witte is President and CEO of Versant Corporation, the only public Object Database Company. He was one of the two founders of Poet Software, which was acquired by Versant in 2004.

For twenty years Jochen has played key roles in funding, marketing and selling object-oriented products like Versant Object Database, the Fastobjects Database, Poet X-Solutions and object-relational mapping technologies.

As Co-Founder of Poet Jochen helped to raise Venture funding for the company and served as its CFO when it went public on the Frankfurt stock exchange in 1999. Jochen served as Poet's CEO from 2002 to 2004 when it was acquired by Versant Corporation.

Jochen holds an MBA degree from the Technical University in Berlin. He lives in Hamburg, Germany and divides his time between Versant's Hamburg offices and the coporate headquarters in Redwood City.


robert_greene.jpgRobert Greene is responsible for defining Versant's overall object database strategy and direction with over 15 years experience delivering OO solutions. Robert provides guidance and technical expertise to key customers regarding Versant's product lines including product architecture, implementation, features, and future capabilities. Through his work at Versant, Robert has helped many large companies implement complex distributed systems in the bio-informatics, telecommunications, defense, finance, and transportation industries.

Robert is an industry thought leader with extensive experience in object-oriented systems design writing and presenting regularly at Java conferences and seminars on the topic of object persistence and J2EE application architectures. Robert is an author on the topic of object relational mapping and is the project lead for the Eclipse EJB tooling initiative known as JSR220 ORM.