Industry Day and Demo Event

2 July 2009



Chair: Moira C. Norrie, ETH Zürich

How Far OODBMSs Have Come and a Look Into Their Future
Jochen Witte and Robert Greene, Versant

10:00-10:30 Coffee

Session 1
Chair: Al Dearle, University of St Andrews

  • Exploiting the Power of an OODBMS in Support of Link Hunting Applications
    Leon Guzenda, Objectivity
  • Objects in Motion – Why Objects Like To Be in Multiple Places at the Same Time
    Carl Rosenberger, db4objects/Versant
  • Using ObjectStore as a Cache for Applications that Access Relational Databases
    Luis Ramos, Progress Software
  • Rearchitecturing an ODBMS Server to Vertically Scale on Multicore Architectures: Concurrency Control and Deadlock Detection
    Ruediger Adomaitis, Vishal Bagga and Andreas Renner, Versant

Session 2
Chair: Michael Grossniklaus, Politecnico di Milano

  • OO Persistence Patterns
    Adrian Marriott, Progress Software
  • CouchDB from 10,000 Feet
    Jan Lehnardt, CouchDB
  • The Renaissance of Pure Object-Orientation
    Richard Pawson, Naked Objects Group
  • Helping System Modernization with db4o
    Erik Putrycz, Consultant
12:30-14:00 Lunch

Chair: Roberto V. Zicari, Goethe University

A New Renaissance for ODBMSs?
Panellists  Rick Cattell, Consultant
Robert Greene, Vice President, Versant
Leon Guzenda, CTO, Objectivity
Luis A. Ramos, Principal Systems Engineer/Consultant, Progress Software
Carl Rosenberger, Co-founder, db4objects
15:00-15:30 Coffee

Session 3
Chair: Beat Signer, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  • The Power of LINQ and ADO.NET Entity Framework
    Ronnie Sauremann, Microsoft
  • Useful db4o Idioms
    Rodrigo de Oliviera, db4objects/Versant
  • Rearchitecturing an ODBMS Server to Vertically Scale on Multicore Architectures: Object Navigation and Cache Management
    Ruediger Adomaitis, Vishal Bagga and Andreas Renner, Versant

Session 4
Chair: Suad Alagic, University of Southern Maine

  • Mercury, a High Performance Data Processing System
    George Troxler, staila technologies
  • Comparison of Five Object-Oriented Database Techniques and Products Concerning Performance and Programming Productivity on Basis of a Benchmark Application
    Martin Hulin, HS-Weingarten
  • The Naked Objects Framework and Implications for Object Persistence
    Richard Pawson, Naked Objects Group

Demo Event

  • Real World ERP
    Stefan Brenner (ClassiX Software GmbH)
  • Mobile db4o to RDBMS Replication
    Stefan Edlich and Roman Borschel (TFH Berlin)
  • LINQExpand4Java
    Miguel Garcia (TU Hamburg)
  • Demo of Objectivity Applications
    Leon Guzenda (Objectivity)
  • MapMe application using db4o on Android
    Tetyana Loskutova and German Viscuso (db4objects/Versant)
  • Developing Persistent Java Applications with OMS
    Moira Norrie, Michael Grossniklaus, Alexandre de Spindler, Stefania Leone, Eugenio Lentini, Maria Husmann, Christoph Lins and Christoph Zimmerli (ETH Zurich)
  • Naked Entities
    Richard Pawson (Naked Objects Group)
  • Mercury - A High Performance Data Processing System
    Georg Troxler (staila technologies)
  • Using ObjectStore to Cache and Playback Events in Event Processing Systems
    Jeffrey Wagner (Progress Software)
19:00-22:00 Reception, Patterns Award Ceremony and Grill Party