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All content if not indicated otherwise is provided by the organisers of ICOODB 2009. Exceptions to this rule are listed below.

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The copyright statement and liability disclaimer have been adapted from the standard disclaimer for ETH Zurich Web sites. The paragraph Network Access Information is based on the corresponding information available on the Tools Europe 2009 Web site. Historical information about «Haus zum Rüden» has been adapted from the Haus zum Rüden Web site and Martin Illi: «Die Constaffel», Buchverlag NZZ (Zurich 2003).

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All pictures of ETH Zurich and its buildings are used under permission from the ETH Zurich Corporate Communications office. The ICOODB 2009 would like to thank the photographers Esther Ramseier, Susi Lindig and Peter Kuster for providing these pictures. Pcitures of the outside and inside of the «Haus zum Rüden» are used under permission Haus zum Rüden. Pictures of the city of Zurich are used under the Creative Commons license and the GNU Free Documentation license. Logos of vendors, companies and institutions are used under permission and may be trademarks of the corresponding organisations.